Sunday, January 27, 2008

Puppy Picking

After losing our almost 14 year old Yorkshire Terrier just after Christmas, my parents' house has been very empty. We've always had dogs, so even though we still miss her terribly, we cannot live without a four-legged friend running around the house.

My parents went on the search for a good breeder. Today I went with them for an in-depth interview with the breeder and to meet the 7 week old puppies. We decided that it would take two puppies to help heal our hearts.

After our long drive, we entered the small house to find three very active female pups playing together in an ex-pen. They were too cute jumping all over each other and nipping at each other's ears. We took turns holding each squirmy pup and checking them out. It's hard not to instantly fall in love as they wrap their sharp puppy teeth around your fingers. The largest will make the best show prospect, and will look most like the mom. Since we aren't going to show them, we decided that we wanted the smaller two pups, who will be around 5 pounds when they are fully grown. Here are a few pictures that we took today:
Puppy #1

Puppy #2, the largest

Puppy #3, the smallest and most active

How can we break up a matched set? :) Well, my parents are crazy enough for getting two puppies, and three would be insane. I'm just glad I don't have to potty train them. I can play with them and then go home. So now we wait another month and count down the days until we can bring them home.

Below is some video that I shot today. The two that are climbing my mom will be ours, and some of the other video is my hand playing with the pups while I am filming with the other hand. Enjoy the puppy madness:


Judy and Boomer said...

Your mom looks SO happy.

Hope things go well with two puppies!!

Avalon said...

They are soooooo sweet. I hope they bring your family years of happiness!

Theodorable said...

Thanks Judy & Nancy! We are keeping our fingers crossed.