Thursday, January 24, 2008

He's Not Fat, He's Fluffy- REALLY!

So it's that time of year again. The time when I get the inevitable question- "Has Teddy put on weight?" Of course these questions almost always come from the owners of the lesser quaffed breeds that probably don't remember where they last left their brush. They think that Teddy has over indulged during the holidays, taking long naps in front of the fire after polishing off the leftovers of the family meal.
Well, they couldn't be more wrong. Most of the year, I keep Teddy's hair cut in a modified sporting clip, more professionally known as a Miami cut. Basically, it's a sporting cut all over with bracelets. I let Teddy's coat grow when it starts getting colder outside, which in the south is not until December or January. His dense, curly coat really fluffs out as it gets longer, making him look more rotund.

Well, it happened last night. We walk into our training building, and like clockwork, hear, "Teddy's gained weight!" It must be January. So, I try to explain that no, I promise, it's just hair. They never believe me. So in a spiritual fashion, I make them lay hands on my dog to prove to them that he is still the same sleek poodle under all of that hair. In fact, I even went to the trouble of weighing him just to make sure that he has not gained. The scales don't lie, as I have sadly learned for myself, he still comes in at a light 37 pounds. I only wish that my extra weight could be taken off with clippers as easily.

Here is some photographic evidence on how drastic Teddy's appearance can change, just with the length of his hair:

Teddy Shaved Down (and yes, it was a very bad haircut)
And much cuter:

And this is what he looks like filled out with hair:

And one more for good measure:

It is hard to believe he is the same dog. But it just goes to show that seeing is not believing, believing is feeling.


Avalon said...

He really doesn't look like the same boy when he grows in, but I do understand just how deceiving their hair can be. I LOVE that second picture!

Theodorable said...

Funny how the poos can change so much with their hair! It's their own witness protection program. And, thanks, that's one of my favorite pics, too. :)