Saturday, January 26, 2008

Things That Make You Go ARGH!!!

I was going to include this video in the recent post about haircuts to show how much my dog enjoys the cold weather, but just trying to work on this video to get it ready to post deserves a topic all on its own.

Why is everything so difficult? You can't just push the button on the camera, record the video, and upload the video to whatever website you want. No, it is not that easy. For some reason, I can only upload my video from my camera in one file format, the very one that my editing software cannot read. So I had to use some freeware to convert the file to a different format before the editing can begin.

I had the exact same problem with the music I used. I had downloaded the music months earlier, and of course, the file type was not compatable either. I had to change the file format of the song and use different freeware to edit the music to the portion I wanted to use, and then upload it to the video editing software. Only then could I piece video and music together and export it as a format that is allowed on the blog site.

I'm ashamed to say that this 20 second piece of video took me a couple of hours and consultations with a computer expert to produce. So, I hope you enjoy it!

The spinning move that Teddy does here is what I call his bucking bronco. A lot of mornings after our first potty outing, he runs back to the backdoor and does this on the back porch. I love it, it's trademark Teddy. And my camera kind of freaked out with the white balance trying to film a black dog on the very white snow. The look takes me back to my childhood and our super 8 home movies. And for those of you who know about competitive obedience- these are the kinds of figure 8's that Teddy loves!


Judy and Boomer said...

Teddy looks like he is trying to bite his coat off!

Loved the poodle zoomies.

Theodorable said...

Yes, he was there! :) He's really great about bandanas and clothing, unless he gets too wound up, like here!

Kim Row said...

aww we have that same blue coat for our Sammy dog!