Sunday, March 16, 2008

Puppy Training

I went over to my parents' house on Friday to do a little puppy training. It's so refreshing to work with a blank slate. It's so different though because I know so much more than I did when I started training Teddy. However, I still worry about doing something wrong and screwing them up. Gracie was a lot easier to teach sit than Heidi. Gracie is calmer and can focus easier than her sister. Heidi is a lot like Teddy in that she is easily distracted and has a higher energy level. When I first worked with Heidi, she just wanted the food so badly that all she could do was jump up for it. After I gave her a few pieces for answering her name, then she could focus a little better.

Here is some video, first of Gracie, then Heidi, of them working on name recognition, sit, and down:

Ok, and this last video is of them sitting together. Too cute to leave off of the blog. Maybe a brace freestyle routine is in their future? LOL!!! Ya, right!

Now to change the subject a little. I was going to post pictures of their first baths because it was too funny, but never got around to it. Since Patti had some cute pictures on her blog of dogs in her shop (see link to Poodlebugs on the right), I thought I should finally add the pics.

The first is Heidi, who was none too thrilled about getting a bath:

Here's Heidi in a poor attempt of a stack: Here's Gracie, you can see her claws came out:

Gracie was so tired from her bath, she fell asleep on the table:

And here they are one week later with their first top knots. Their hair was a little too short for them to stay in, but it's a good first try. Anyone know the name of the waxy stuff you put on the hair to make the top knot stay in?

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