Thursday, March 6, 2008

Puppy Fun

I finally had some time to do some video editing of the new puppies. I've been busy spending what little free time I had at my parents' house helping out with the little monsters. They are cute as can be, but boy are they a handful right now. Potty training is job #1 right now. They are getting better, but we have to stay on top of it. Gracie is doing well, and is searching out the pee pads when she needs to go, but Heidi (who I originally thought was smarter) is the one who is having more accidents. She's sneaky!

Another issue my mom is having is their days and nights are a bit mixed up. They stay in the laundry room with open crates and access to pee pads. They, but mainly Heidi, tend to whine and cry at night. Gracie settles in to sleep in her crate like a good girl, while her sister goes crazy. I told my mom that we've seen enough tv to know that in every set of twins, there is always one evil twin. :) When I came over one afternoon to help, I put them in the laundry room behind the baby gate. Heidi immediately started to cry, but I took a metal bowl and tapped it against the gate and praised her calmly for being good. It only took about 5 minutes to get them quiet. I think consistency is the key and being more stubborn than a terrier. Teddy has helped me learn this difficult lesson.

They are so funny to watch play. We are trying to figure out which one is the dominant one, but they are both pretty dominant. Heidi is the toy stealer, but Gracie will sometimes stalk Heidi and pounce. We try to let them work it out amongst themselves, but we break it up when the biting starts.

Here are some videos that we took the day we went to pick them up at the breeder's house. They were playing with their mom. She was really sweet, so we are hoping that these little hooligans will turn out eventually like her.

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