Thursday, March 13, 2008

Outrunning the Storm

OK, I am not posting this silly little video to show how good Teddy and I are at agility- obviously!! Actually, I'm really posting this for Patti to see how much we look like she and Boo in one of her very early runs with him. I can only hope that we can improve as much as the two of you in the future, otherwise, we can kiss all hopes of further competitions goodbye.

Anyway, I bought a new camera yesterday, and I was itching to try it out, so I took it to agility class tonight. We knew the storms were predicted to hit tonight, but we were hoping that we could make it through the entire class. That was not to be. We watched as the lightning got closer and the thunder louder. We were rushed to only get one run in each. So, I felt the time crunch as I stepped up to the first obstacle. My handling leaves much to be desired. I have got to learn to pick up my pace and give quicker signals. That is what messed up our rear cross and sent him around the jump. I also sent him in the wrong end of the tunnel. Too bad though, that my videographer missed our nice front cross. At least there is no way to go, but up! We were lucky to pack up and get out just as the storm reached us. The rain started as I got in my car.


Avalon said...

I LOVED that video. When Teddy is focused, her is wonderful. When he loses focus, he's a typical Poodle......running with abandon and loving every minute of it!

Poodlebugs said...

He's doing so great, Melissa! WI see so much improvement in him. And, I also noticed that his zoomies were ONLY when he made a mistake and you let him know it. Hmmmmm..... When you go on when he makes a mistake, he keeps going. Loved it!

Oh- one more thing- you need to STAND UP!

Theodorable said...

Thanks Avalon! We are far from wonderful, but much improved from before. It's nice to see him having so much fun. I'm just glad that he did come back to me.

Theodorable said...

Thanks Patti! Yes, the zoomies were my fault. I sent him in the wrong end of the tunnel, and we lost focus. Yea! I didn't realize how bent over I was, I'll try to keep that in mind. That's why I love videos. I also didn't like the way I held my arm out. Thanks again!