Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gigi Does New York

I was really thrilled this year to be able to go to New York to watch the Westminster Kennel Club dog show for the first time. I've grown up watching it on tv forever, and I've always wanted to go. So, my mom and I took a trip I'll never forget. On a mad dash out the door on the day we flew out, I saw Gigi, a small silver poodle that my mom brought me back from one of her trips, sitting by my phone. I grabbed her, thinking I could let her be a part of the fun. So, here is Gigi's perspective of our trip to New York. I had to take the pictures with my phone, so the quality is not great. Forgive me if this sounds a little like a children's book, I'll post my real pictures soon in a different blog entry.

Gigi helped get the car loaded so we could get the airport faster, we don't want to miss the plane.

Gigi waits anxiously to board the plane.

Gigi enjoys a cold beverage on the plane. Are we there yet?

We're finally in New York and checked into our hotel room. Gigi can't wait to jump on the bed and order room service.

On the first night, we went to see Wicked. Gigi gave it two paws up.

Here's the inside of the theatre.

The next day, we went to the top of the Empire State Building. That was one place that I had never been to, and because one of my favorite movies is "An Affair to Remember", it was a must see. We were lucky that it wasn't too cloudy that day. Gigi is right above Time Square here. We could still see the New Year's ball.

Next, we took a carriage ride through Central Park South. Gigi wanted to run through the snow and play with the dogs that she saw. I told her that the snow would just get stuck in her bracelets.

On Sunday, we went to the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America specialty show. There were so many beautifully groomed Yorkies all in one room. Gigi thought that since she is a poodle that it would be rude if she made an appearance.

After a fabulous day at Madison Square Garden and getting to watch the poodles being judged at ringside, we returned to watch the groups judged. The ring looks smaller than it does on tv.

Can't believe we are finally here.

Here's our group! We cheered loudly for the poodles.

We returned for Day 2 of the breed judging. Gigi felt like a real New Yorker when she started yelling at the people passing in front of us to keep moving along so everyone could see the rings.

Gigi can't wait for Best in Show to begin! We get to cheer for poodles some more.

After a wonderful week in New York, it was good to get home to my little show poodle (ha!). However, I don't think this is how Gigi wanted to be greeted.


Avalon said...

Very clever! I am so glad you finally got to go to Westminster. Did you get back to the benched area at all?

Theodorable said...

Hi Avalon! Thanks, and yes, I know I'm a little nuts. :) We had a ball at Westminster. It was amazing to be there after watching it on tv all of these years. Yes, we made it through the benching area as best we could. We saw some beautiful dogs and even a couple of fabulous minis!