Monday, January 26, 2009

Life is Like an A-Frame

OK, maybe not my life, but my weekend sure was. We had apexes and bottoms (and not the pretty 2 on/2 off bottoms). Friday was good. We drove to McKinney, TX, and after seeing the hotel we had reservations in, I promptly pulled out the GPS and found an alternative. I wouldn't let my dog stay in the first hotel. We drove all over Allen and Plano looking for dog food, as our local source is no longer carrying it. Teddy makes friends wherever he goes, and he put on a 10 minute performance for 2 nice kids in the toy aisle of the pet supply store. I didn't have any treats on me, so I was pleased that he went through his repertoire without any yummy encouragement. By the time we were done, the little boy wanted to trade in his new schnauzer puppy for a poodle, or at least one that liked to jump over his leg and say his prayers. On the way to the pet supply store, we stumbled upon a dog park, so we checked it out on the way back to the hotel. It was very nice and well maintained, and the dogs all seemed to be unusually calm. I was very hesitant to take Teddy's leash off, but I knew after being in the car all day, he needed to burn off some energy. Teddy ran around for just a couple of minutes, and he actually sat and stayed for me to grab his collar. Yea! That night, I got to hang out with my friends Julie and Eric and their two kids. Julie even cooked chicken enchiladas. Friday was a good day.

Saturday started off very early, but very good. I got to hang out with poodle friends and watch them run. We had to wait around until mid afternoon for our time to run. I felt good because the jumper's course was simple and flowy. It was a course that we should not have had a problem running. The highlight was that I was able to get Teddy focused before we went into the ring. We did some circle work (we had room because everyone was gone by the time it was time for novice), which Teddy loved, and it got him pumped up and focused on me. I was even able to take his leash off at the practice jump and have him come back to me. But then, we got in the ring, he took the first jump, and he was off in zoomieland. I finally got him to sit and stay and I got his collar. When I left the ring, I handed him to my friend's sister, and I left the area. I think it did have an impact on Teddy because they said that he was upset and looking for me. The standard course was difficult, my friends said that it was not that different from the excellent course. I was able to warm Teddy up the same way before going in the ring, so I felt alright. Our highlight for the weekend came early, but was very brief. We started with the tunnel, turned to a jump, and I made the front cross to a panel jump. We were headed to the teeter, when everything fell apart. Teddy caught a whiff of the blue barrel trash can and ran over to the side of the ring to start sniffing. He totally disconnected from me, and we were done. In hindsight, I should have goosed him and ran to the exit, since we were getting whistled off anyway. Oh well, I have to look for the bright spots.

That night, I had a really great time hanging out with my old college friends. Some of them I had not seen in at least a year and a half, and I got to meet some of their new babies. Teddy really enjoyed playing with the kids and doing tricks for them. We even got to chat with friends via the web cam, which was all wonderful. The bad part was when I went to get in my car late that night. I forgot to bring in my GPS because I had Teddy and several other things to carry inside. Well, my car had a smashed driver's side window and my GPS was gone. What a mess!! There was glass everywhere- all over the driver's side and in every nook and cranny in the front of the car. The police came and we made a report. Then my wonderful friends Eric and Julie and my best friend, Kelly, helped me clean up the mess. We vacuumed and vacuumed and then vacuumed some more. After all that, I'm still finding pieces of glass here and there. Eric worked so hard trying to cover my window with cardboard. He even cut a window and duct taped layers of plastic wrap so that I could see my rear view mirror. He did such a good job that it held up on the 4 1/2-5 hour drive home on Sunday. Julie let me crash at their place that night because I was afraid that with a cardboard window my car would get stolen at the hotel. My friends are my heroes!

After all of that I didn't sleep much Saturday night, so I decided not to run Teddy at the trial on Sunday. I was exhausted and not in the right mindset, and I felt like it would be unfair to Teddy to ask him to work under those conditions. I packed up my stuff at the hotel and got to the trial site in time to see some friends run. Before leaving, I let Teddy play on the practice jump for a minute and made it fun just to try to give him a good experience on Sunday. Since I no longer had my GPS, my friend Pam was nice enough to let me follow her to the main highway, so I could find my way home. The cardboard on the window kept out the cold wind, but I did have a noisy drive home. I had quite a headache by the time I made it back. So that was my crazy up and down weekend. Now my car's in the shop, the roads are icy, I have a head cold, and Teddy and I are both exhausted. Time to crash!


Tyler, Kim, & Rachel said...

oh my goodness i didnt realize your car got brokem into infront of their house!! i thought it was at the motel! thats even more nuts, and couldve been us since i, also, left my gps out in the front seat!! yikes :-/

Theodorable said...

I know, isn't that crazy? They live in such a nice, safe neighborhood. I'm so glad that no one else's car got hit, too. I'm thinking that it happened after you guys and Jarrett and Kerri left. Kelly had her GPS in her car, too. But it's fixed now. :) I got it back yesterday. Yea!

Kim said...

Wow, not a fun weekend!! Glad you all are okay and it was just your window and GPS. You and Teddy will have a better weekend on your next trip!!