Monday, August 18, 2008

Yorkie Time

For all of you who have not reached your cute quota for the week, or if you feel the need to gratuitously go "awww", here are a few new pictures of the yorkie girls, AKA the Twin Terrors.

After a recent bath:

And together:
In their new hoodies (why a dog with perky ears needs a hood is beyond me):

From the front And from the back
And to top off the adorableness, here's some video. This is what you get when you sit on the floor with the camera. Heidi is the smaller one that is very toy crazy. Gracie is our plus sized model.

These girls crack me up. I love it when they carry the same toy at the same time.


Teeny said...

absolutely adorable...of course I have a soft spot for yorkies myself :-D

Theodorable said...

Thanks Teeny! You have to love the Yorkie's scrappy little attitudes. They are too cute for words sometimes.