Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nerves of Plastic

And I don't mean the kind of government plastic that is used in helmets and bullet proof vests- I mean the flimsy kind that toy model kits or happy meal toys are made of. That is me right now. The closer we get to our first live freestyle competition, the more nervous I am getting.

My nerves are magnified by the fact that Teddy has been sick recently wtih a very bad sore throat. Thankfully, he is much better and took his last dose of medicine last night, but the medicine has made him feel lethargic and just plain lousy. Therefore, our practice on Saturday went pretty badly and did nothing for my confidence level.

After resting for more than a week, Teddy returned to work with me yesterday, and he went with me last night to help teach a class. I think he really enjoyed getting out and being around people again, he was pretty happy to be there. I gave him some puppy crack (aka Nutrical) with his dinner last night to help him feel better. It seems like every time Teddy gets sick, it takes him longer than most dogs to bounce back to his old self. I don't know if his thyroid problem has anything to do with that or not. Anyway, we are going to sit out of agility class this week just in case.

So, we'll just take our chances this weekend at the trial. That's all we can do anyway. I love my boy, and he is smart and talented, but he is a bit unpredictable. I never quite know what I'm going to get with him when we walk into a ring. Whatever happens, happens!


Poodlebugs said...

Go Teddy! Be sure and let us know how it goes! We wish you all the luck in the world!

Poodlebugs said...

Alright- the weekend is over- how was it? Come on! SHARE!

Kim said...

I hope all went well last weekend and Teddy is feeling better. I kept trying to comment, but my computer wanted to freeze.

Theodorable said...

Thanks Patti and Kim!! Sorry I did not respond more promptly, but for some reason I never got an e-mail letting me know that there were comments. Never done that before. Check out the new post for video. :) And, Teddy's feeling much better- thanks! Whew!