Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Frozen Agility

Agility people are crazy! We go outside and run agility whether it is 25 degrees or 110 degrees. Yes, we love it that much! Last night was one of those crazy, what-was-I-thinking nights, I have not been that cold in a long time. When I got in my car, it said 28 degrees. That's cold for us southerners! And it was almost 70 just two days earlier. Normally, we have portable heaters that we hover around in weather like this, but none of them were working last night. As I stood watching everyone run the course, I literally watched the water buckets freeze over. One little dog was developing ice crystals on his belly fur, which practically touched the ground. Even though Teddy's coat is cut down to almost his summer do, he was supercharged last night. He was loving the cold and bouncing around like Tigger! I think I'm going to send him to Alaska to join an Iditarod team (see:
As over the top as Teddy was, the greatest part of last night's class was- NO ZOOMIES! Yea! Any night without zoomies is a great night, no matter what else happened. We got to work through our new teeter issues. These were my fault for telling him to wait before he reached the tipping point, making him unsure of where to stop. Then we ran another crazy course, consisting of 180+ degree turns, weird angles, and distance work. We accused our instructor of throwing the numbered cones up in the air and letting them fall at whichever obstacle. Anyway, we had fun working through the challenges. I was able to get a little distance, but I'm still having trouble turning him. Teddy is so fast that he wants to charge ahead, so he turns too wide. So that is one thing I would like to work on. His weaves were good last night though, I noticed him single-footing them with speed. While we were running the course, Teddy's pop-up crate was blowing across the yard. Unfortunately, his dinner was on top and spilled everywhere. I tried to pick it all up in the dark, and when we got home after I dumped it in his dish, I had to pick out pine needles and grass. A little fiber never hurt anyone!


Poodlebugs said...

Awesome! Sounds like you are making great stride with Teddy! Tighter turns are fairly easy, and will come with time. Him working away from you is great, and you don't want to stifle that attitude either. Jump come cookie can teach him to wrap, but I'd bet it's more your timing than his. LOL!

Keep up the hard work!

Theodorable said...

Yes, working on our timing has been tough. I'll either pull him in too tight in front of the obstacle or push him around it. And timing is critical with him right now as we are still so green!